Beginner Clinic Roller Skating // June 12

Hello to all beginner roller skaters in the Utrecht area! Are you looking to progress your skating skills? We are 4 experienced skaters from Dom City Roller Derby and we’ve planned a roller skating clinic that will help you do just that!


The clinic will take 1,5 hour including a short warming up and cooling down. If you’re putting your skates on for the first time we’ll help you get more comfortable first; if you’re already skating around a bit we’ll focus on the following things:- Skating posture and balance – Falling safely – Stopping/controlling your speed – Making longer smoother strides – dealing with small obstacles (like curbs and bumps in the road)Depending on individual skill levels we can also work on cross overs, backwards skating, front-to-back transitions, and maybe try a few other fun moves.


Participating will cost 5 euro per person, transferred to our league’s account beforehand (info will be in the confirmation email). This small contribution will go towards a great cause though: helping our derby league survive the pandemic! We do not accept cash.


The clinic is for beginner (quad) rollerskaters age 16 years and up. We can give instructions in Dutch and/or English if needed.


You need to bring your own gear:
– Quad rollerskates (required)
– Protective gear (required):
*wrist guards
*elbow pads

We have protective gear available for you to borrow if necessary (first come, first serve).

For all your questions, you can DM our fb page or leave a comment on the event!

Sign up here!

How to submit payment

Option 1: Bank transfer
Account name: Dom City Roller Derby
Account number: NL06 TRIO 0379 3364 72

Option 2: PayPal