Organization overview

Organization Name: Dom City Roller Derby (formerly known as Dom City Dolls)
Organization Type: Non profit
Established: July 2010
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Sport: Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby

  • Dom City Dolls (Allstar travel team)
  • ThunderDoms (B team)

Fact sheet

The Dom City Roller Derby were the third Roller derby league to be established in the Netherlands, and Utrecht's one and only Roller Derby league. Currently, the league has about 50 members, and two bout (competitive) teams.  In 2016 The Dom City Dolls became a WFTDA apprentice, and in 2017 we graduated the apprentice program and became a full WFTDA member. 

We've played several national and international tournaments (Dutch Championships, Skates of Glory, Fantastic 8, Rock 'n Roller Derby, to name a few) and provided players and coaches for the national team in 2014 and 2018. 


We want to offer roller derby as a sport in the greater Utrecht area. With enticing trainings and games on multiple levels we want to inspire and assist skaters and volunteers in accomplishing and experiencing fun, satisfaction and sportive achievements on a basis of equality and inclusivity. 


DCRD wants to stimulate the sport roller derby, and with that we strive to expand the sport and our league and elevate our skaters and volunteers to a higher level.


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Dom City Roller Derby